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Extreme turbulence

For many people, experiencing turbulence while in flight can be unnerving. Turbulence sometimes triggers thoughts of emergency situations and plane crashes, but, in reality, emergency landings or crashes are very rare. On February 13, 2019, one flight experienced some flyers’ greatest fears—having to make an emergency landing because of turbulence. The plane was heading from…

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It’s that time of year:  parades; barbecues; swimming; long warm So Cal nights with family and friends; John Philip Sousa, Old Glory and the Red White and Blue; and last but not least, FIREWORKS!  Some like sitting back and watching a grand public display.  But many others in Southern California grew up lighting fireworks on…

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How to Stop Yourself and Your Teens From Distracted Driving, For Good Consider the story of Alexander Heit. Only 22, he died in a car crash in the outskirts of Greeley, Colorado in 2013. It might have been just another unfortunate road fatality, except his parents took the courageous step of revealing his final text…

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