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New years Los Angeles

New Year’s Eve (technically New Year’s Day, come midnight) is “the worst day of the year for fatal crashes involving impaired drivers,” according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  Half of all fatal auto accidents on New Year’s in the U.S. involve a drunk driver. So how can you help prevent accidents and protect…

dangerous escooter

Pasadena has not yet approved electric scooters, but Altadena has okayed them.  They are also showing up in East Pasadena.   There are as many as 17,000 e-scooters on the streets of Los Angeles.  Electric scooters provide a faster and fun way to get around, and they give off far less emissions than the average vehicle,…

Happy holidays and safe travels to all!

uber driver attacked with tacos

An Uber driver was attacked with tacos in Midland, Texas when a passenger expressed dissatisfaction with her service. This was definitely not your average Uber accident. Ms. Maria Chavez works as an Uber driver on the weekends. At one point, she picked up a passenger and her friend who both appeared intoxicated. The two people…

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