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Jen C.
I recently got notice of a court case requiring my presence. I was afraid to ask for any sort of help because there are no lawyers allowed for small claims cases. I then thought that there is no hurt in trying; so I reached out to Darren. He was very prompt, informative and advised me on what to do from beginning to end. Not only did he relieve my anxiety about the issue but he lifted the burden off my shoulders. I feel a lot more confident and prepared to face what is to come. Darren was very nice to take time out of his busy schedule to help me.
Bindu C.
I called the Manibog law firm last week looking for a lawyer who had experience with enforcing insurance coverage. I ended up speaking directly to Darren Manibog. Although he could not help me with my case because it is an area of law he does not specialize in directly, he was really, really helpful. He took about 20 minutes to walk through the facts, give me his thoughts, and help me focus mine. That is much more than I would have expected. I am actually a lawyer myself, and would have no qualms about hiring him. I would recommend that someone with a legitimate personal injury claim check in with these guys and see where they stand.
Dolly D.
I had contacted Manibog Law to inquire about a legal issue. I really felt comfortable speaking with Darren Manibog. He was very friendly and very informative. I was able to ask questions without feeling intimidated. I could sense his integrity. His staff was also very helpful. All in all, great attorney, great outcome. I have already recommended several friends to Darren for legal counsel.
Amy K.
Darren Manibog represented me in my personal injury lawsuit. I had never filed a lawsuit before. Darren was very personable and gave me good, honest advice at a very fair price. He represented me extremely well and got me a generous settlement. He also negotiated with my insurance company to reduce the amount of reimbursement they required, which allowed me to keep more of the settlement amount. I highly recommend Manibog Law.
Judit B.
I just want to take a moment and say thanks to Manibog Law Firm. I really appreciated their help over a slip and fall accident. They made sure that I'll get the best of everything: treatment, doctors, etc. They made it as smooth as possible, so I don't have to worry about anything, just making my appointments. I highly recommend them to everybody because I know that they'll run the extra mile and get the best result that is possible. Thanks again!!!
Robert P.
I needed the help of a lawyer when I was in an accident. I didn't know where to turn. The insurance was giving me a hard time and telling me I wasn't hurt when I was. It was insulting. My back was throbbing in pain and the insurance was saying my back didn't hurt! So I hired Manibog and he took care of everything. He took away all of all my stress and got me a fair settlement. I wasn't looking to get rich I just wanted to be treated fair but they did an amazing job for me.
Winnie W.
Let's see, where do I begin? I found Manibog Law on Yelp, and they do deserve the good rating. I remember meeting Mr. Manibog for the first time - he was very knowledgeable and "on it". I asked many questions and he was able to answer them in a way that I understand. You know how the law can be so complicated!!! When it came time to follow up on the case, I find both Mr. Manibog and his assistants easy to reach and they definitely responded in a timely manner. I would definitely contact him again if I had another case. He seemed to genuinely care about my case, and I was happy with the way he handled it and the results.
Nadia F.
Darren Manibog is very professional and goes the extra mile to make sure that positive his clients get positive outcomes. He is not that typical lawyer that directs eveything to go through his paralegal. He always makes himself available by phone and in person and returns phone calls. I had a very complicated case that didn't have much hope but Darren made it happen. I definitely recommend him to my family and friends and will turn to him again if needed. I would also like to add that his paralegal Bianca is phenomenal also. Thanks again for all your support and help.
Brian S.
I was referred to Darren's firm through my friends when I got in my accident in January. They told me that its better to have an attorney handling the case, as insurance companies usually try to quickly settle claims and aren't as personal in dealing with customers. Based on their experience, Darren did a wonderful job on their cases. I decided to give it a shot and I was thoroughly surprised at how personal the experience was. Whenever I had a question, either Darren or his helpful staff members would provide a timely answer. The staff was always courteous and eager to help resolve any issues I had. They addressed any questions I had and guided me through the claims process so that I would be able to understand the terminology used. When the case was resolved I ended up with a much better settlement then expected and better yet, no doctors bills! Overall the experience was great and I would definitely recommend Darren's firm to my friends. Darren is very helpful and will explain the whole claims process to you, and will explain all the tricks insurance companies use to get a quick settlement.
Sara A.
My brother was in a severe motorcycle accident caused by hitting an unmarked pothole from a busted water pipe (DWP). Darren took care of everything (paperwork, assisting in getting us the proper interviews, appointments, etc). He explained the situation step by step in layman terms so that we all understood what was happening. He looked out for our family's best interest. He's also a kind person... Years after the accident, he is still following up with our family and meeting up with my brother for meals. We found Darren through a friend as well. Thanks Darren, my family and I are incredibly grateful for everything!
Austin V.
Darren is the man! I had a pretty serious back injury from work and he handled everything for me. From hooking me up with a great chiropractor, to managing all the work comp litigation, he was great from beginning to end. Couldn't have asked for more! Definitely would recommend him to family and friends.