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How to Stop Yourself and Your Teens From Distracted Driving, For Good

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Consider the story of Alexander Heit. Only 22, he died in a car crash in the outskirts of Greeley, Colorado in 2013. It might have been just another unfortunate road fatality, except his parents took the courageous step of revealing his final text message to a local paper. It was half written, composed seconds before he drifted into oncoming traffic.

Greeley Police Chief Jerry Garner commented on the heartbreaking photo. “Unfortunately, when we think to ourselves, ‘I’ll just do it this one time,’ we are fooling ourselves. This ‘one time’ may be the only time. The Heits are sharing their tragedy and loss, in hope that through Alex’s story, others may realize and recognize just how dangerous texting and driving is. If this tragic, senseless accident can be a learning experience for others, perhaps others will be saved.”

We all know the grim statistics. According to the Department of Transportation, there are more than 424,000 accidents and 3,154 deaths per year from drivers and crashes that could have been prevented simply by paying more attention to the road. Everybody talks about it, and yet so many of us forget how dangerous this easy habit can really be to ourselves, our loved ones and the strangers we encounter. From a quick look around on any roadway (from the passenger seat, of course), most of the world seems to be talking, texting, typing in directions or scrolling at any moment behind the wheel.

Look, this isn’t a lecture. Well, it sort of is, but it’s a constructive one. While personal injury law is deeply fulfilling, and our attorney offices are always busy with new clients, we could do with fewer accidents. We’d much rather meet you in the aisle at the grocery store to discuss the merits of the tangerines than in the hushed corridors of the ICU, where your concerned family members have brought us to see the consequences of a texting and driving accident firsthand.

More than 85% of Drivers Are Distracted Behind the Wheel

The good news? There are now plenty of apps that can handle the temptation for you, simply by blocking the messages, calls and notifications you receive behind the wheel. Did you know there are even systems that notify you or another party when the phone’s owner has enabled the app and is driving distraction free?

Let’s come together and share this list with friends, with family, with anyone you care about who might just be tempted to text and drive. After all, people think personal injury law is about pursuing financial compensation for our injured clients. As any reputable attorney will tell you, it’s about more than that. Seeing what we have witnessed, and hearing the stories we have heard over the years, take it from us at Manibog Law: life is precious. Take care of yours, and those of your loved ones.


At press time, this app costs $19.99 in the Apple Store and is also available for Android on Google Play. It sends parent notifications, while blocking text messages and calls when enabled. It tracks safe miles driven, shares the driver’s location, and rewards good driving habits, making it a desirable option for young drivers or those who need a little bit of extra motivation to stay safe.

ATT Drive Mode:

This is a simple app, available for Android and iPhones, that simply blocks calls and texts while driving. Bare bones but effective.

True Motion Family:

Headed by former insurance company executive Ted Garner, True Motion offers multiple products to consumers for a variety of road safety needs. However, their free app designed to prevent distracted driving may be the most significant for the average family.

Each driver with the app is rated according to four basic safety habits: whether or not they’re engaging in distracted driving, speed, driving style (aggressive drivers are penalized) and dangerous time of day (12AM-4AM are statistically the most lethal times to be on the road).

Once the driver is rated, your scores are shared with the whole family, promoting family communication around safe driving habits. The bittersweet bonus: this means Mom and Dad can’t text and drive either.

Please note we don’t get any benefit, financial or otherwise, by promoting these apps. Do you have others you prefer? Please share with us! For about the cost of a large pizza or even less, one of these may just save a life. For all of us in the Pasadena, Walnut and Long Beach area, that’s a bargain.

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