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Auto AccidentsIn Southern California, serious auto accidents and car accident injuries are an everyday occurrence on our roads and freeways. And yet, few of us realize how difficult it can be to recoup ones’ losses and indeed, get fully reimbursed for medical expenses through a typical insurance company claim. Regardless of fault, the process can easily become a nightmare, delaying and in many cases precluding an ordinary person from being able to afford or receive appropriate medical care for injuries incurred in a typical car accident.

You Need Manibog Law on Your Side After A Serious Car Accident

The truth is that you may need the help of a qualified, experienced car accident attorney after such a serious accident, not only to ensure you receive everything owed to you, but to help you recover from your injuries while we fight for your compensation. At Manibog Law, our team is commited to ensuring you receive all the care and treatment you need to heal from a serious traffic accident. We act as your advocates, where others won’t.

We understand that auto accidents aren’t just about a totaled car or broken bones, but the lasting damage that such collisions can entail. Whether permanent disability or daily headaches, a broken ankle or lasting nightmares, the consequences of a serious car accident can have a severe impact not only on your pocketbook, but your physical and mental health as well.

Don’t let this happen to you or your family. Founder Darren Manibog and his team bring award winning expertise and superior legal knowledge to every case. We offer straight talk, and real-time solutions to your long-term recovery after such an accident, inside and out.

Car Accident

Car Accident Attorneys at Manibog Law Are Different

Here at Manibog Law, you’re not just a case number. You’re a person. Read our reviews on Yelp and Google. Watch our video testimonials. Behind every case at Manibog Law is a successful relationship between lawyer and client, one based on mutual trust and respect. Our founder, Darren Manibog, is a third generation attorney, as well as a devoted father, husband, and Los Angeles resident. He is committed to issues surrounding traffic safety, preventing texting and driving, and fair compensation for car accident victims. Recognized by his peers as a Top Attorney by Pasadena Magazine and a “Super Lawyer” by Super Lawyers Magazine, Darren has also been honored by the Trial Lawyers Board of Regents as among the top 1% of litigators, as well as by the National Trial Lawyers of America as a “Top 100 Trial Attorney.”

At Manibog Law, we understand you may be reluctant to pursue legal action, particularly after already going through the stress of a serious car accident. Please understand we don’t always need to take your case to trial. The simple act of hiring a car accident attorney, and allowing us to make contact with your insurance company, may well be enough to result in a reasonable settlement offer. In any case, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

How Does a Car Accident Claim at Insurance Company Work?

Insurance companies serve their stockholders first and foremost, and could never survive, let alone prosper, if they paid out every accident claim in full. Whatever your circumstances or the facts of the collision, any insurance company must approach your claim with caution, at best, and at worst, outright skepticism. That is their job. Unfortunately, this results in many legitimate accident claims being ignored, refused, or denied, and countless car accident victims enduring untold suffering and expense, simply because they didn’t hire a qualified car accident attorney to represent them.

Call Manibog Law today to schedule your free consultation to discuss your case. And remember, even if you hire us to represent you, you’ll never have to pay us a single penny unless we recover a settlement.

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Robert P.
I needed the help of a lawyer when I was in an accident. I didn't know where to turn. The insurance was giving me a hard time and telling me I wasn't hurt when I was. It was insulting. My back was throbbing in pain and the insurance was saying my back didn't hurt! So I hired Manibog and he took care of everything. He took away all of all my stress and got me a fair settlement. I wasn't looking to get rich I just wanted to be treated fair but they did an amazing job for me.