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If you’ve been injured on a bike from an unsafe driver, the consequences of poor road safety conditions, or other negligence, you need more than medical care to get your life back. Call Darren Manibog today and get the motorcycle attorney who will go the extra mile to ensure you receive the best care possible after your accident.

While insurance company representatives may be pleasant, they don’t work for you. In fact, their company’s bottom line and ultimate profitability depend upon  insurance agents and employees taking aggressive steps to avoid liability at every turn, refusing, rejecting or denying medical claims wherever possible. It’s not personal. In fact, it’s also not about fairness, or your well being. Quite frankly, insurance companies are simply about making good business decisions, with consequences that may not always have your best interests at heart. While this may come as good news to their stockholders, it’s not always in the best interests of those who depend upon them to pay on a claim.

Medical problems stemming from being injured on a bike mean you need a personal injury lawyer who specializes in the legal issues raised by such a collision. Darren Manibog and his staff at Manibog Law understand the intricacies of motorcycle accident injury, road safety and negligent or unsafe driver law. But beyond the legal implications of your case, they care most of all about you as a person after your accident. You’re not a case number, or just another file. You and your loved ones become part of the Manibog Law family.  You and your ultimate return to a healthy, happy and meaningful life are always the first priority. And we’ll do everything we can to help you get there!

Did you know that motorcycle injury accidents typically result in far more significant injuries than auto collisions? In fact, motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to die in an accident than automotive drivers. Should they survive, the costs of medical care, time spent away from work, and emotional trauma are often extreme. In most cases, cash reimbursement is not only desirable, but absolutely necessary for the motorcycle accident injury victim to return to any semblance of a normal life. At Manibog Law, we believe your good health and medical care after being injured on a bike isn’t optional. If you or your loved one is the victim of negligent driving, road safety hazards, or an unsafe driver, you not only deserve compensation but, you must be allowed to get the medical intervention necessary to get well.

Quite simply, Manibog Law is a family. As a third generation law firm, we have always been dedicated to serving the needs of our clients. We know true healing comes from more than winning a legal case. It comes from the restoration of your good name and health. Our clients select us for our significant, award-winning legal expertise, and even more importantly because we understand that integrity always comes first.

Questions? Not sure about whether you have a claim? Call today for your free consultation with Darren Manibog. Remember, you pay nothing unless we win your case.

The Pothole: A Real Personal Injury Case & Motorcycle Accident

No matter what’s on my agenda,I never pass a pothole on a Los Angeles County street anymore without thinking of Leonard* and his motorcycle, especially on rainy days. After all, it was a rainy Friday when my client left his research lab at UCLA, heading home on his Ducati for a weekend of rest, relaxation and possibly some time watching football on television. Extremely intelligent with a promising career as a scientific researcher ahead of him, Leonard still enjoyed watching NFL football whenever he could.

The rain began to accumulate as he wended his way onto Sunset Boulevard towards Brentwood and the apartment he shared with his fiance, Karen, also employed by the university. They were planning to get married that December, with a trip to Bali for their honeymoon.

In the rain that afternoon, the pothole was barely visible. Indeed, it was more like a sinkhole by the time Leonard’s motorcycle came upon it, around a curve. Though witnesses later noted he had obeyed all street signs and the speed limit, his bike didn’t stand a chance. The motorcycle plunged wheel first into the hole, flipping Leonard forward into oncoming rush hour traffic on the opposite side of the road.

Thankfully, the paramedics were on the scene in seconds. They themselves had been returning to UCLA Medical Center from a previous call, and were only moments from the accident when it occurred. Despite the severity of his head injury, Leonard was alive as he was rushed into surgery. He would survive, the doctors told the worried family later. It was just on what terms he would that no one was sure about.

Leonard was a changed man by the time I met him in the rehabilitation facility. There had been no wedding, no trip to Bali that Christmas. What there was instead was a lifetime of medical bills, of relearning the basic skills the rest of us take for granted, a new reality for Leonard, his fiance, and his family. I took the case, unsure what I could do, but certain this man deserved at least my best efforts at getting to the truth of what happened.

As is usual in handling these motorcycle injuries, and indeed, in most personal injury cases, the insurers were initially reluctant to compensate the family. He was on a motorcycle, after all. His safety was his responsibility. And yet, doing research on the case, I discovered that the pothole Leonard had been unlucky enough to encounter was not unknown to Los Angeles City maintenance.

Indeed, a road crew had seen it earlier that day. But the football game that Leonard had looked forward to perhaps was one the city worker who had taken the road report was excited about too. Maybe that was why the repairs for this potentially dangerous road hazard had been put off until Monday. Instead, the road crew had been instructed to put a single orange traffic cone beside it, in the rain. Of course, it had been knocked over soon after they drove away. By the time Leonard came upon the sinkhole, any marker of the hazard was gone.

Once I had proof of the road crew’s call, and that the repairs had been postponed, the case went quickly. Understandably, the judge and our jury were very interested in my findings. Leonard may have been unlucky on the road, but I would be damned if I’d let him be unlucky again in court. The case was decided in our favor.

*name and some identifying details have been changed to protect client privacy.

A testimonial from a real client

Sara A.
My brother was in a severe motorcycle accident caused by hitting an unmarked pothole from a busted water pipe (DWP). Darren took care of everything (paperwork, assisting in getting us the proper interviews, appointments, etc). He explained the situation step by step in layman terms so that we all understood what was happening. He looked out for our family's best interest. He's also a kind person... Years after the accident, he is still following up with our family and meeting up with my brother for meals. We found Darren through a friend as well. Thanks Darren, my family and I are incredibly grateful for everything!