Personal Injury Law Means More Than Just Getting Legal Help.

It Means Help Getting Well.

Did You Get Injured and Then Get Ignored?
Resolving a Personal Injury Insurance Claim Is Never Easy.

practice_personalWhen you’ve been in a personal injury accident, you don’t want to waste time on complicated forms and difficult phone calls. You should be focusing on getting well, not waiting on hold. Let the personal injury accident specialists at Manibog Law find you real time resolutions for your case. As expert accident attorneys for West Covina, Walnut, Pasadena, Long Beach and Glendale areas, we can help you put your life back together again after a traumatic personal injury accident. We understand the very serious consequences of these potential tragedies, and how they can affect your long-term earnings, ability to live independently and to function as an independent adult in your community. Without the resources to treat your injuries, your very way life could be threatened, whether physically or financially… or both.

We Stand By Our Personal Injury Accident Clients

At Manibog Law, we really care about the well being of our clients, because at our law firm, actions speak louder than words. We work hard to get you the right medical treatment, palliative care, and support you’ll need to not just cope after a personal injury accident, but to heal, and ultimately thrive. We work closely with your insurance company to make sure they address all your needs, not just their bottom line. Whether your case goes to trial or we are able to resolve it beforehand with a satisfactory settlement for you and your family, we are always focused on pursuing your best possible outcome, not ours.

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We understand you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the right personal injury accident attorney. We also appreciate you may not consider yourself or your family to be the “litigious types.” But a personal injury accident can change everything. Suddenly, ordinary, hard working people can be transformed into seriously ill patients, unable to work, unable to engage, unable to find joy in the things and people they used to love. Bills can pile up, and the medical treatments you need to feel like yourself again are suddenly out of reach. Don’t let your life fall apart after an injury accident. There is hope. At Manibog Law, you can count on straight talk from an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you get your life back after a traumatic slip and fall, incident of medical malpractice, or other injury accident.

You Need Legal Representation After a Personal Injury Accident

We know you may be wary of entering into a lawsuit with a big insurance company. Who wouldn’t be? And yet, things change when you get injured, and fast. Suddenly the insurance you may have taken for granted may be in jeopardy, or you may find yourself having to fight for, or explain medical treatments recommended by your personal physician over the phone to an insurance agent. After an accident that has resulted in personal injury, who has time for that?

Quite simply, a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney can change the outcome of your case, fighting for and getting the appropriate resources to fully compensate you after an injury accident, medical malpractice, slip and fall or other disaster. We understand how insurance companies work, and the information they sometimes need to see before they are able to fully compensate you for a claim. Not every case will go to trial! Instead, our goal to is to get you what is fair and necessary for you to move on with your life. We believe in our client’s right to dignity, to good health, and to justice.

A Personal Commitment to You

At Manibog Law, we work with every client not just to resolve their case, but also to help you get your life back. When you meet Darren Manibog, you are getting to know a devoted husband and father, a third generation attorney, and a lawyer who has been recognized by his peers and the larger community as a superior litigator in the field. With awards from multiple legal organizations and magazines, Darren has devoted his life to helping people just like you not just pursue their legal case after a personal injury accident, but get their lives back. At Manibog Law, it’s about more than winning. It’s about finding justice, and doing what’s right. Call us today to schedule your personal injury accident consultation with Darren. Get in touch today. 1-800 Manibog.

A testimonial from one of our personal injury clients

Amy K.
Darren Manibog represented me in my personal injury lawsuit. I had never filed a lawsuit before. Darren was very personable and gave me good, honest advice at a very fair price. He represented me extremely well and got me a generous settlement. He also negotiated with my insurance company to reduce the amount of reimbursement they required, which allowed me to keep more of the settlement amount. I highly recommend Manibog Law.