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In today’s world, word of mouth has come to mean a review on Google or Yelp.

With so much pressure to sell one’s services in today’s competitive legal marketplace, we’ve certainly tried it all. Billboards, radio and newspaper ads have all been ways we’ve worked to get the word out about the benefit of personal injury attorneys and what we do here at Manibog Law.

But you know what?

You, our clients, are our best marketing team. It’s true. Your reviews, on Yelp, on Google, on AVVO and more, have not only brought us new business and interesting cases, but the opportunity to help real people who have endured serious injuries and accidents, people with cases that deserve to be heard, and championed. We owe a humble “thank you” to each and every one of you in the Pasadena, Long Beach and West Covina area (and beyond!) who has taken the time to say a few words about your experience with us.

That includes you, Mary Kay K. When you wrote:

“If you need the best legal advise or if you are in need of hiring a personal injury attorney, don’t even think twice just call this outstanding firm and ask for Darren Manibog, hands down the most professional, caring, hard working, knowledgable human/attorney you can find.

 We all know that finding an attorney now a days is as easy as 123 but finding the one that can make your experience as easy as 123 is one of the most difficult thinks to do, believe me been there done that. Thank you Mr. Darren Manibog and Gilda (the paralegal that is his right hand ) for all that you did for me, and for making my experience smooth and worry free. I wish I was allowed to give you 10 stars.

 I am forever grateful.”

You said more than a billboard ever could. We know you’re busy, and it takes time to write a review. Thank you for yours. It meant so much.

Kevin M. took the time to say this:

I got in an accident back in 2015 which resulted in a fractured wrist. I emailed/called a handful of lawyers and no one wanted to open a case with me. I emailed Darren and he responded quick and believed I had a case. I met with his paralegal and she assured us that we had a solid case.

Two years later and the case is now settled. While it did take a while, Darren explained to me why that was the case and it made sense. Sometimes the quickest results are not the best.

 And to believe that others thought I did not have a case!

It was my first time having an attorney and Darren and his team made it an almost flawless experience.”

Kevin, we’re so glad it worked out well for you, and so happy we could make a difference in your personal injury case. Really, the opportunity to help someone, especially when other people have shut the door on them, is particularly gratifying. All the best to you.

George P. had this to say:

Got settlement and I was very happy! I had injury to body parts that had a long medical history so I thought it was going to be a big fight to the end but Darren handled everything with ease and got me more than what I was expecting!

 He is a very generous attorney and he charged way less than I expected for attorney’s fees.

George, we understand that no one wants to pay more than they have to when it comes to anything, especially a personal injury lawsuit! That’s why we don’t charge our clients a penny unless we win your case. Again, we appreciate your comments and thank you for taking the time to share your experience with others in the Los Angeles area.

It’s too bad Yelp doesn’t offer a way for us to give you, our clients, personal feedback. So we will right here instead:

Whether you’re taken the time to write a review or not, please know that YOU are the reason we do what we do. Thank you for being exactly who you are, and sending us in turn your friends, family members and colleagues who have suffered an injury accident. Each of them brings a valuable perspective, set of values, and unique personal history to our office. It’s an honor and a privilege to serve the best folks in Southern California. Thank you. You all get five stars!

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