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MGM sues massacre victims

Oh, the irony of ironies.  Megaresort and corporate giant MGM takes the unprecedented action of SUING the victims of the Las Vegas massacre that occurred on their property, to their guests.

According to this July 17, 2018 Los Angeles Times article, over the last couple of days, dozens of survivors of last year’s mass shooting in Las Vegas have started to receive some startling legal notices warning that “A lawsuit has been filed against you.”

MGM is trying to take advantage of a 9/11 federal law dealing with certain protections related to terrorist attacks.  But many legal experts say that such law was never designed to protect a corporation like MGM in this type of situation.  Clearly, outrage is building over MGM’s decision to sue the victims.

Watch the next few days.  I would not be surprised if this PR nightmare rises to the level of the United Airlines “forced reaccomodation” fiasco.


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