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Weird Street Signs

Forget Auto Accidents, Beware of Spiders

 Promoting safety on the road and preventing auto accidents are important causes to us. We’ve seen too many casualties from texting and driving, unsafe traffic conditions and more.  Always remember how important it is to stay alert and stay responsible every time you get behind the wheel. Neverthless, here at the office, even we get silly sometimes. Check out these funny road signs we’ve found online!

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Was this blunt message really from Caltrans, or were they hackers in West Covina or Walnut? Not sure, but sometimes the truth hurts!


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This sign is from San Diego, where apparently they have some larger vehicles on the road.


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Always helpful to know, thanks.


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Another life saving sign.

car accident, traffic accident

We’re thinking maybe we’ll try for another hotel down the road?

traffic safety, injury accident

Not sure where this picture was taken, but we’re definitely going to take it seriously if we see it.

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Again, another mysterious road sign. Think we’ll just head on to the next exit, thanks.


car accident attorney, Manibog

And finally, this billboard was part of a Canadian distracted driving campaign. We have to say, it’s extremely effective, isn’t it?

 Stay safe out there, everyone. Wherever you’re going, whatever your schedule, it’s never worth your life and livelihood to take chances on the road.

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