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car accident, personal injury lawyer

September Is Almost Here … And Your Safety Matters More Than Ever.

car accident, personal injury lawyer


It’s already August, and some kids already are back in school! The lull called summer break is almost over. The freeways are full again and traffic accidents are on the rise. But just when you think you’ve seen everything, there are people finding new ways to get in some kind of vehicle related trouble. Here is just a sampling of the some of the stranger car accident pictures that have made their way to the computer screens of Manibog Law ……

car accident, personal injury attorney

Not sure what’s happening here, other than it’s a fender bender involving an ICBM. Not sure about how to exchange insurance information in this case?


fender bender, car accident

Parking isn’t always easy, but come on, this person isn’t even trying. How did this even happen?



car accident, personal injury lawyer
source: Michigan State Police

Again, someone getting a little distracted. This is why it’s not a good idea to text and drive. Heck, this person shouldn’t even drive and drive.



personal injury attorney, car accident
source: Daily Mail UK

Proof that there were, in fact, car accidents before people owned cell phones. Wondering what happened to lead this mailman into a tree.



car accident attorney, car accident

This was posted by a dad who took a snapshot of his sleeping son. Apparently the baby forgot the old adage, “don’t drink and drive.”



accident lawyer, Manibog Law
source: Daily Mail UK

Sometimes pictures tell a story without needing a caption or any other explanation. We have a feeling this car accident photograph is one of those times.



car accident, personal injury lawyer
source: THP

This one is no joke. Posted on Facebook by the Tennessee Highway Patrol from a real life accident, this is proof that car seats for children save lives every single day. Don’t take a chance with your precious cargo. Ever.

P.S. The trooper reported that despite the severity of the accident (the car was totaled), this little boy didn’t have a scratch on him!


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