Wrongful Death, maybe Wrongful Injury? Get Help from Darren Manibog & His Team of Lawyers

When a Loved One Passes Due to Medical Malpractice, Healthcare Negligence or Other Wrongful Death


It’s never easy to lose a loved one, but when you suspect they didn’t have to pass in the manner of their death, the pain for their survivors can be excruciating. Manibog Law respects your loss, and we understand no compensation will every be enough to replace the person you loved, laughed and shared life with. Nevertheless, in the interests of protecting the community at large and righting a terrible wrong by a negligent professional, compensation in wrongful death cases is frequently appropriate and morally necessary.

Named as a Super Lawyer by Super Lawyers Magazine from 2012 to 2018 and recognized by his peers for multiple achievements in the field, Darren Manibog has the proven expertise to protect and champion the rights of your family through the difficult days after losing a loved one in this way. Whether through medical malpractice, healthcare negligence or other wrongdoing, the loss of any life deserves to be recognized and addressed.

Darren Manibog and his team bring sensitivity and caring to every wrongful death case. As a caring father, husband and son himself, Darren appreciates the enduring importance of the ties that bind. His work in wrongful death cases is geared towards honoring the life of your loved one. He’ll work to ensure the appropriate parties recognize and compensate the victim’s loved ones in full for the decisions and later actions that resulted in this terrible outcome.

While fatal surgical errors happen, that doesn’t mean they should. When a medical professional does not see or recognize a problem in time, they may well be negligent in the death of another person. If you have doubts after a loved one’s passing, please schedule a consultation with Darren Manibog to discuss the circumstances of their final days. A wrongful death case will mean you need a trustworthy lawyer with the relevant experience to ensure that every legal avenue has been appropriately explored.

Quite frankly, please remember that insurance companies may not be helpful or even interested in pursuing what is right or fair in these types of cases. As publicly held corporations, they are only responsible to their shareholders. By necessity, they cannot nor should not pay every claim in full, even those that are legitimate. Rather, it behooves the insurance company to question, challenge or even undermine the most cut and dried medical malpractice, healthcare negligence or surgical error case. In short, grieving families cannot expect to be rightly compensated in these situations by an insurance company alone. Only a qualified attorney well versed in the field can force them to comply.  This isn’t personal, but rather, the simple facts behind the insurance industry.

Schedule your free consultation with Darren Manibog today. As painful as it may be to relive the circumstances of your loved one’s passing, we believe there is no greater honor than protecting their legacy and indeed, honoring their life by ensuring those who are responsible are held fully accountable. At Manibog Law, you’re more than just a case file. You’re family. Get in touch today.

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  • Winnie W.
    Let's see, where do I begin? I found Manibog Law on Yelp, and they do deserve the good rating. I remember meeting Mr. Manibog for the first time - he was very knowledgeable and "on it". I asked many questions and he was able to answer them in a way that I understand. You know how the law can be so complicated!!! When it came time to follow up on the case, I find both Mr. Manibog and his assistants easy to reach and they definitely responded in a timely manner. I would definitely contact him again if I had another case. He seemed to genuinely care about my case, and I was happy with the way he handled it and the results.