Truck Accidents Are No Joke.

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The statistics surrounding injury involving trucks or big rigs are very serious. According to the Federal Highway Safety Administration, there are almost 500,000 accidents involving 18 wheelers and commercial drivers per year in the United States. More than 5,000 of those truck accidents are fatal, with more than 130,000 injuries.

With more than 2 million commercial trucks on the road, it only stands to reason that some will be commandeered by an unsafe driver. If you or a loved one has suffered the consequences of a truck accident, you need legal help immediately to ensure you are compensated to the fullest extent possible for the injuries incurred. The road to well being and good health can be a long one after a truck accident involving a big rig.

Why not just let the insurance company handle it? It’s important to remember that insurers are publicly held companies, answering to their shareholders at all times. While every insurer prefers to sell lots of policies, it is also most cost effective for any insurance company to resist paying claims ,or to only pay reduced claims amounts whenever possible. This isn’t personal. It’s just business, and perfectly understandable from the perspective of the company itself. Nevertheless, in terms of someone who has suffered a devastating injury from a big rig, 18 wheeler or commercial truck, the realities of the insurance business are often quite frustrating. An award winning, experienced lawyer like Darren Manibog can make the difference.

At Manibog Law, you’re more than just a client or a case file. You’re part of the Manibog Law family. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you receive the right medical care, treatment and follow up necessary to return to good health as soon as possible. We understand the traumatic consequences a truck accident can entail. It’s not a matter of simply healing the physical, but the emotional as well. Without a lawyer, your life may well be completely disrupted, with loss of income, income potential, along with otherwise financially crippling medical bills.

Darren Manibog is a third generation attorney, with significant, proven track record of successful awards for clients who have suffered injury accidents from an unsafe driver or big rig. Many who meet him say he is unlike a “typical lawyer,” as he is known within the Los Angeles community for his caring, friendly demeanor, and huge network of happy former clients, many of whom have given personal testimonials, video interviews, and reviews about their experiences with Darren. Manibog Law prioritizes an “integrity first” approach to personal injury law and truck accident cases, and it shows. He’ll work hard to protect your good name and future.

Don’t let an injury accident involving a truck or big rig ruin the life you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Your family and loved ones deserve better. Call Darren Manibog today to discuss your case.  For first hand testimony from a real truck driver about the dangers of driving near semi trucks, read this amazing story.

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A testimonial from a real client

Robert P.
I needed the help of a lawyer when I was in an accident. I didn't know where to turn. The insurance was giving me a hard time and telling me I wasn't hurt when I was. It was insulting. My back was throbbing in pain and the insurance was saying my back didn't hurt! So I hired Manibog and he took care of everything. He took away all of all my stress and got me a fair settlement. I wasn't looking to get rich I just wanted to be treated fair but they did an amazing job for me.