Teen Drivers and Car Crashes: The Nightmare No One Wants, The Legal Situation You Must Resolve

Unfortunately, with today’s mobile phones along with every other conventional distraction on the roads, teen drivers are at far greater risk not only for causing an accident but becoming a victim of one. With only months or a brief few years of driving experience, teens in Southern California are at a significant degree of danger while behind the wheel or riding in a car. In addition, many teens and young people do not have adequate insurance, rendering these cases particularly problematic for both drivers and victim in a significant car accident.

What happens if you are a victim of a teen driver with little or no insurance? These cases can be extremely tricky, demanding an experienced personal injury attorney with both a keen understanding of how the law works, and the legal remedies available. If you’re in Southern California and a victim of a car accident with teens, you need an attorney you can count on: Manibog Law.

As a husband, son and father, Darren Manibog understands the full ramifications of what it means to be in a serious car accident involving teenagers. With significant legal experience and a proven track record for successful recovery in these cases, he has developed a reputation throughout the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles County for being a top level personal injury attorney for clients just like you. Born and raised here, he and his large extended family are valued members of the local community and passionate advocates for road safety.

With Manibog Law, you’re not just a client. You’re family. Darren and his team make your well being their mandate every step of the way in your case. What do you need to return to a full life? What medical, psychological, or social interventions are necessary to help you recover from a traumatic car accident and its arduous journey to health and happiness? These are the questions that Manibog Law makes it a priority to ask- and to follow through on throughout the legal process.

For some, it is most significant that Darren Manibog has won awards year after year for his work as a car crash attorney. Indeed, he was honored by his peers as a “Super Lawyer” by Super Lawyers Magazine from 2012 through 2018. He also has been recognized by Pasadena Magazine, the National Trial Lawyers Association and the Trial Lawyers Board of Regents.

And yet, for most of his clients, what matters most is his heart. Darren Manibog by any measure is not a typical “attorney” type. Warm and friendly, he is known for his values, communication skills and integrity, most of all.

Have you been involved in a car crash involving a teen driver? Are you suffering the results of an accident involving teens who are also underinsured or lacking the resources to address your claims? Call Darren Manibog to schedule your free consultation today. Get the lawyer who cares. After all, your peace of mind is what matters.

Your well-being is our first priority. Count on it.

“Our goal is to help you get better as quickly as possible.”

A testimonial from a real client

Robert P.
I needed the help of a lawyer when I was in an accident. I didn't know where to turn. The insurance was giving me a hard time and telling me I wasn't hurt when I was. It was insulting. My back was throbbing in pain and the insurance was saying my back didn't hurt! So I hired Manibog and he took care of everything. He took away all of all my stress and got me a fair settlement. I wasn't looking to get rich I just wanted to be treated fair but they did an amazing job for me.