When People Are Injured, Records and Log Books Are Often Destroyed or Lost

Don’t Rely On the Los Angeles Trucking Company To Maintain Evidence

It’s a sad reality that in many Los Angeles trucking companies, destroying driver log books or falsifying records is the norm after an injury accident involving their vehicles. Despite federal laws prohibiting their removal, getting rid of evidence to avoid fault is a “dirty little secret” of the transportation industry. Missing or altered logbooks, deleted online files, and “lost” records are the norm.

It’s not meant to be this way. Indeed, federal law requires that truck drivers and their employers maintain extensive notes on their daily workdays, whether logged online or in paper journals. In fact, it may come as a surprise to many people outside the industry that truck drivers are allowed only 11 hours behind the wheel per 14 hour period, and only after a 10 hour rest may they get back on the road. Without this much needed break, drivers are statistically more likely to become involved in an injury accident. Indeed, who among us wouldn’t be tired, or less skillful behind the wheel after 12+ hours of driving?

Because of these rules, and the obvious consequences of breaking them, it is perhaps understandable that trucking companies in Los Angeles and surrounding areas choose to falsify logbooks or destroy records after an injury accident or worse, a fatality involving one of their employees. Don’t let this happen to you. If you’ve been involved in an accident involving a truck, it’s time to call in the professional litigator who will get you information, and results.


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If you’ve been involved in an injury accident involving a truck or trucking company, don’t leave your compensation up to the log books. It’s time to bring in a professional. You need a champion on your side, someone who will fight for your legal rights and fair compensation through the often frustrating vagaries of our legal system and a defense working to discredit any accident victim.

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A testimonial from one of our personal injury clients

Amy K.
Darren Manibog represented me in my personal injury lawsuit. I had never filed a lawsuit before. Darren was very personable and gave me good, honest advice at a very fair price. He represented me extremely well and got me a generous settlement. He also negotiated with my insurance company to reduce the amount of reimbursement they required, which allowed me to keep more of the settlement amount. I highly recommend Manibog Law.