Pedestrian Accidents in Southern California: Far More Common than You Might Think

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Pedestrian Accidents Are Up By 82% in California, So Be Very Careful

According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, pedestrian deaths from vehicles have risen a whopping 82% since 2015. Despite efforts to improve traffic safety with visible crossing areas, new medians, reflectors and other proven safety techniques, pedestrians are still at risk throughout Southern California. If you have suffered a pedestrian car accident, it’s time to get serious about your legal representation. You deserve justice. Schedule your free consultation with Darren Manibog today to discuss your case. Don’t wait, as these cases require prompt action before it’s too late.

At Manibog Law, it is important to note that most of our clients would describe themselves as anything but “litigious types.” In fact, none of them would never dream of asking for a “free ride,” nor would they be comfortable with the idea of being seen as “sue happy” or “out for blood.” We understand. And yet, we have seen client after client come to us after trying to negotiate with an insurance company who remains indifferent at best to their financial, medical and emotional needs after a traumatic pedestrian car accident.

“Doctors” working for insurers will tell a pedestrian accident victim they have no case, or their injuries do not have to be treated at all. Accused of lying or inflating their medical claims, given the runaround by the insurers representing the driver who hit them, or worse, poorly treated by their own insurance company, people who come into our offices are upset, and frequently angry at the treatment they have received after a pedestrian accident. Whether having occurred on the streets of Long Beach, downtown or even just in Pasadena, a pedestrian accident is typically very serious, with potentially devastating consequences to one’s health, one’s well being, and even one’s income earning potential going forward into the future. Basically, these insurance companies time and again leave many people with no choice but to find legal representation for help in simply being treated fairly.

Pedestrian Accidents Are at An All-Time High, Call Manibog Law

Darren Manibog has seen it all, in decades of working with so many honest, decent clients who have been left humiliated, embarrassed, and frustrated by rude, incompetent, or inefficient insurance companies that simply want to settle the case for as little as possible, regardless of the real story. He brings compassion and a keen understanding of personal injury law to every case. He has a proven track record of legal victories and significant awards for pedestrian accidents, earning him multiple accolades over the years from Pasadena Magazine, Super Lawyers Magazine, the Trial Lawyers Board of Regents and the National Trial Lawyers Association.

But most importantly, Darren Manibog has earned the trust and regard of thousands of clients throughout the San Gabriel Valley and beyond. Read our reviews. Watch our testimonials. These are real people, just like you, who suffered a personal injury they didn’t ask for, or prepare for in any way. And yet, when it happened, they were left without solutions, until they found Manibog Law. Call today for your free consultation.

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The Bus: A Real Personal Injury Case Involving A Minor

It was a sunny afternoon in South Pasadena, when seven year old Leslie* was getting off the school bus to head for home. An energetic and happy student, Leslie loved school, her family and her new puppy, though not necessarily in that order! She carefully went down the stairs, her little hand holding onto the railing, when suddenly, the bus lurched forward, the doors closing on Leslie’s left knee. In a split second, she fell to the ground as the vehicle moved forward. Despite the screams of passerbys and Leslie herself, it was at least 100 yards before the bus came to a complete stop.

When the doors finally opened again, and the bus driver got out, Leslie’s parents were there. Thankfully, the little girl was badly shaken, and her knee would require surgery, but she was alive. It was only when the shock wore off did the parents realize how close they had come to a life altering tragedy. As medical bills began to accumulate, they were further dismayed by the reaction of the school’s transportation department. It was the little girl’s fault, they said. Leslie had not followed instructions. She had tried to get on the bus again after the doors closed. The school owed Leslie’s family nothing. She was lucky to be alive, and that was that.

Sitting in my Manibog Law office in South Pasadena, California, playing with her doll, Leslie sat on her mother’s lap. She had not tried to get back on the bus, she insisted. Her mother hesitated. “I’m not concerned so much about our medical bills,” she said. “But the safety of other children. What if we hadn’t been so lucky? Shouldn’t the bus driver have noticed Leslie? Why did it take so long for them to stop?”

I wondered those questions too, as I inquired with the school about their records surrounding the accident. What had happened on that bus? As they had told Leslie’s family, everything, they said, was entirely above board. The girl had not been following instructions. When a prominent San Gabriel news outlet interviewed the school in reporting on the accident, they were resolute. The school was very sorry she had permanently injured her leg. But they were not responsible.

A parent myself, I was deeply troubled. In fact, I was reviewing the case file one evening at home when I received an anonymous phone call. It was from another bus driver for the district. She had seen the report on the news. Did I know, she asked, that there were video recorders installed on every bus?

Excitedly I called my colleagues at my personal injury law office. We needed that tape, and we needed it fast.

*name and some identifying details have been changed to protect client privacy.

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I recently got notice of a court case requiring my presence. I was afraid to ask for any sort of help because there are no lawyers allowed for small claims cases. I then thought that there is no hurt in trying; so I reached out to Darren. He was very prompt, informative and advised me on what to do from beginning to end. Not only did he relieve my anxiety about the issue but he lifted the burden off my shoulders. I feel a lot more confident and prepared to face what is to come. Darren was very nice to take time out of his busy schedule to help me.