Los Angeles Hit and Run Accidents: More Common than You Might Thin

Whether it’s perpetrated by a drunk driver or just an unidentified one, there are more than 28,000 victims of hit and run accidents per year in Los Angeles County alone, according to the California Highway Patrol. Furthermore, more than 50% of all traffic accidents here in the county are from hit and run drivers, far above the national average of 11%, a statistic compiled by the American Automobile Association. If you’re a victim of one of these hit and runs, whether as a pedestrian or another driver, you need help– and fast.

Insurance companies may have friendly employees, but the truth is that they are not in the business of insurance to pay out claims, however legitimate. In fact, denying, decreasing or ignoring legitimate requests for insurance payouts is their business, and a good one. Few ordinary people outside the world of personal injury law or insurance appreciate that the insurance company is always interested in ways to diminish their cash payouts of all legal claims to car accident victims, especially when it comes to Los Angeles hit and run cases.

We understand that most people aren’t interested in being “sue happy” or spending their lives in a courtroom. That is a good thing! But for victims of these kinds of hit and run injury accidents, whether as a pedestrian or as another driver, hiring a personal injury lawyer is critical to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries. In fact, make no mistake. Hiring the right personal injury attorney may make the difference between healing completely and lifelong disability, pain and suffering. Your full recovery is our priority.

How to choose an attorney in these situations? It comes down to integrity. You need a lawyer you can trust. With thousands of positive testimonials from former clients, and a proven track record of wins and cash awards, Darren Manibog is one of the the premier hit and run personal injury lawyers for the Los Angeles area. Named a “Super Lawyer” by Super Lawyers Magazine from 2012 through 2018, recognized in 2014 by the Trial Lawyers Board of Regents with a “Litigator Award” and as a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” by the National Trial Lawyers Association in 2015, he has helped thousands of hit and run victims get their lives back after a devastating traffic accident. Watch our videos. Read our reviews from ordinary people just like you, who have been helped by the attorneys and staff of Manibog Law. We stand by a reputation built on integrity and commitment to the truth, and to justice for accident victims throughout Los Angeles County.

Don’t become a statistic. Hit and run accidents can have permanent consequences to your health, your future earning power, and your well being. Demand what’s right, with an attorney who you can trust and rely upon to fight for you. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Call to schedule your free legal consultation with Darren Manibog today. We look forward not only to meeting you, but making you part of the larger Manibog Law family of clients, colleagues and friends.

A testimonial from a real client

Dolly D.
I had contacted Manibog Law to inquire about a legal issue. I really felt comfortable speaking with Darren Manibog. He was very friendly and very informative. I was able to ask questions without feeling intimidated. I could sense his integrity. His staff was also very helpful. All in all, great attorney, great outcome. I have already recommended several friends to Darren for legal counsel.