Whether Public, School or Private Transportation, Bus Accidents Are a

Growing Problem

If You’ve Been in a Bus Accident, You Need a Lawyer.

It can happen in an instant. No one seems to notice the buses we see on streets all over the Southland, until one collides with an innocent victim on foot, in a car, or on a bike or motorcycle.

And according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, these accidents are all too common. In 2016 alone, 37,461 lives were lost on America’s roads. Out of those fatalities, 4,564 deaths involved large trucks or buses, an increase of 5% from 2015. Buses and other large vehicles were responsible for 12% of all traffic fatalities. These catastrophic incidents resulted in countless injuries, as well as millions of dollars in medical bills.

Bus accidents are happening more often, and they’re causing more serious consequences than ever before. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries as a result of a bus accident, you must seek legal counsel to ensure your rights are protected.

The worst news? California, along with Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, New York and Florida, were the source of the highest average of fatal bus and truck crashes from 2014-2016. 6% of these incidents involved a bus or truck driver using a cell phone at the time.

Bus companies are well versed in avoiding the consequences of a typical accident, and the ordinary citizen often does not stand a chance of fair compensation against the huge corporate insurers representing those at fault. Complex legal and medical situations accompany typical bus accidents. Bottom line: it’s time to get a great lawyer, and fast.

Darren Manibog and his team at Manibog Law are the experienced professionals you need to protect yourself and your family in a situation like this. Recognized by his peers nationwide for his legal expertise, track record of courtroom successes and keen understanding of the issues involved in injury accidents, Darren Manibog brings genuine empathy and awareness to every case he represents. A third generation attorney, devoted family man and community member, Darren is committed to the values others in the field sometimes appear to forget: integrity, honesty, and dogged determination. In contrast, Darren Manibog is committed to your well-being.

Read our reviews on Yelp and Google. Examine the real-life client testimonials on our website. All these are directly from clients just like you: ordinary people faced with life changing consequences and bills from an accident they didn’t cause or seek out, and yet one that threatens to ruin their finances, their health and their personal future.

Schedule your free consultation with Darren Manibog. Don’t go it alone. You need representation to fight the companies and insurers whose profit margins depend on offering you a much lower settlement than is adequate to restore your health and promise you a reasonable future.

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A real testimonial of a slip and fall client

Judit B.
I just want to take a moment and say thanks to Manibog Law Firm. I really appreciated their help over a slip and fall accident. They made sure that I'll get the best of everything: treatment, doctors, etc. They made it as smooth as possible, so I don't have to worry about anything, just making my appointments. I highly recommend them to everybody because I know that they'll run the extra mile and get the best result that is possible. Thanks again!!!