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Everyone loves an amusement park, especially those of us with children in our lives. Surely these happy places, with their various rides and activities, provide a respite from the worries of daily living in the harsh reality of the outside world. Who would ever expect to be injured when visiting one of these popular tourist destinations?

And yet the fact is that amusement park injuries and even fatalities happen every year. The average person just doesn’t hear about it, as these kinds of situations are typically “swept under the rug” to avoid negative publicity and damaging public criticism. Nevertheless, an amusement park injury can be life changing, resulting in huge medical bills, time away from work, and even permanent physical consequences.

Amusement park injuries may seem infrequent. But according to the International Association of Amusement Parks, injuries increased from 2014 to 2015 by 32%. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported more than 30,000 injuries occurred in these venues in 2016. With inconsistent reporting and data from the parks themselves, we may never know if the real percentage is even higher today. Nevertheless, also in 2016, a child was killed on a poorly designed amusement park water-slide. Three teenagers were severely injured after falling from a Ferris wheel.

Any injury at an amusement park that can be attributed to either negligence or failure to maintain a safe environment means that the company that owns the park can be held accountable. For injury accident victims, this is hugely important.

However, getting the amusement park or its insurers to admit fault, let alone agree on an appropriate amount of compensation, is nearly impossible without the right legal counsel. After all, most institutions and companies are not in the business of voluntarily paying for their own mistakes or the results of willful negligence. That’s why it is always important for any personal injury victim to consult with an attorney after an accident. Cases involving these theme parks are especially complex, making consultation with a litigation expert absolutely essential.

Darren Manibog brings years of experience and proven success to every case. Recognized nationwide for his work by colleagues and clients alike, he has consistently garnered praise not only for his keen legal mind, but for his genuine empathy and commitment to the needs and well-being of every client.

At Manibog Law, you’re more than just a legal file. You’re part of our family of clients. Our team will work with you to ensure we are providing exactly what you need to recover from your injuries and be made whole once again. The consequences of a significant accident are not just medical, but emotional as well. We understand that sometimes it takes more than just a courtroom win to get your life back. Darren Manibog and his team are willing to go that extra mile to ensure your good health and happiness has been restored.

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Austin V.
Darren is the man! I had a pretty serious back injury from work and he handled everything for me. From hooking me up with a great chiropractor, to managing all the work comp litigation, he was great from beginning to end. Couldn't have asked for more! Definitely would recommend him to family and friends.